IBM 4820-42D

4820 Pearl WhiteThe SurePoint family of Flat Panel display products is designed to offer a wide range of choices for retailers who need retail-hardened, full-screen video displays in their store environments. These products are available in a range of screen sizes and functions, including, 10-inch, 12.1-inch and 15-inch models to fit nearly any POS configuration. In addition, the 12.1-inch and 15-inch displays are available with innovative Infrared touch technology that improves image quality and increases reliability and usability. Other touch technologies are available on some models as well, such as capacitive touch technology. A variety of I/O devices are also available, including magnetic stripe credit card readers (MSRs), keypad/MSR combinations, speaker/microphone kits and pointing devices to provide maximum flexibility in configuring the ideal solution for nearly any retailer. Depending on the model, the SurePoint Solution is available in a range of connectivity options, including Powered USB, standard USB, RS-232 or RS-485. As a result, it can be attached to nearly any IBM POS system unit or PC, including the SurePOS 300, SurePOS 500, SurePOS 700 or 4694 POS systems.

The IBM 4820 Model 42D Display only unit (non-touch) attaches to a System Unit via an industry-standard analog video port. It is the perfect answer when a space saving high performance monitor with no additional I/O support is needed.

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