Hardware Solutions

An authorized Toshiba (IBM) Business Partner for POS Systems, Retail Tech, Inc. is able to provide your company with a customized POS hardware solution to fit your budget and your needs.  As the IBM POS Consignment Vendor, Retail Tech, Inc. is responsible for liquidating all of IBM’s Off-Lease, End-of-Life, and excess POS systems.  This relationship allows us to warehouse more IBM inventory than anybody else in the market, resulting in the optimal solution for the customer.

New Hardware Solutions – As an authorized Toshiba Business Partner, IBM Business Partner, Epson Envision Partner, Symbol/Motorola Business Partner, and Panasonic Reseller, Retail Tech, Inc. is able to provide the newest POS hardware directly to the customer.  Whether you are in the hospitality industry, retail industry, or grocery industry we can supply the latest POS hardware to fill your needs.

Refurbished Hardware Solutions – Retail Tech, Inc. provides the highest quality refurbished POS hardware on the market.  As the IBM POS Consignment Vendor, IBM relies on us to refurbish POS equipment for them.  If IBM can count on us for high quality then you can too!

We provide a warranty on everything we sell, and the equipment can be added to a new or existing maintenance contract.  No IBM CE Inspection required.  See our refurbishment steps here.

Hybrid Hardware Solutions – Retail Tech, Inc. can provide a hybrid hardware solution; the optimal choice for a budget conscious customer who wants the “best of both worlds”.  By mixing new hardware with refurbished hardware, the customer can get the latest technology AND high quality refurbished equipment.  For example, take a brand new POS terminal and pair it with a refurbished cash drawer, keyboard, printer, and display and you have a solution that is not only the latest technology, it is also budget friendly!


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