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Staging, Integration, and Deployment

The most common challenges businesses face when replacing or upgrading technology are lack of space, staff bandwidth, technical knowledge, and cleanup. However, as a seamless extension of your IT team, Retail Tech Inc. can solve these problems with our knowledgeable team who handle all aspects of planning, setup, and removal on your behalf. 

POS Stations


Our staging services allow you to preview your solution before it’s executed. With over 2400 linear square feet of bench space, complete with power and secure networking capabilities, our team will configure, load, image, or set up each device to your custom requirements to ensure the full solution is operating perfectly and is ready for deployment. 


With our team of integration experts, we make sure that every part of your hardware works to the highest standard before it even arrives at your store. All elements are fully integrated prior to departure to ensure functionality and ease of install.

Integration Experts


Our Project Management Office staff will handle all of the complicated scheduling, tracking, and day-to-day tasks required to ensure a successful rollout. Our nationwide network of expert technicians can handle all hardware installation, de-installation, network cabling, and integration to ensure efficient and accurate deployment per your requirements and procedures.

Plan Your Project

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