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Point of Sale (POS) Systems

One of our largest solution offerings at Retail Tech Inc. is point of sale (POS) systems. Our expert RTI team, with decades of experience in the industry, knows the ins and outs of POS systems and other retail technology to ensure you get the hardware you need consistently on time and on budget. 

Some of our key offerings for POS systems include:

  • New Hardware Installation and Deployment
  • Refurbished Hardware Options
  • Hybrid Hardware Solutions
  • Trade-Ins / Upgrades


Get Unmatched Support and Best-in-Class Solutions.

New POS Hardware
Installation and Deployment

Support new store growth or upgrade your existing systems while ensuring compliance with corporate and industry security standards. We build solutions using the latest, most reliable, and in-demand technology options for retail and service businesses.

Mobile POS

Self Checkout

Kiosk/Self Service

POS Peripherals and Adjacent Technologies

Dirty Printer
Cleaning Printer
Testing Printer


At Retail Tech Inc., we offer viable, cost-effective hardware solutions by providing refurbished hardware options, expertly revitalized by our team. RTI has specialized in cleaning, sanitizing, painting, and repairing used retail technology for maximum life and cost-effectiveness.  This option is ideal for the budget-conscious retailer, helping to avoid spending extra money on new point of sale hardware, roll-outs, and training. Upgraded, older-generation units are capable of accommodating much of the market’s new software, can be imaged prior to integration, and arrive check-stand ready, further cutting overall POS expenses

In addition, we provide warranties on everything we sell, and the equipment can be added to a new or existing maintenance contract.

RTI Refurbishment Process: Clean, Test, Renew

1. Clean

All equipment received to be refurbished is disassembled down to the component level and thoroughly cleaned. Interiors and exteriors are blown, scrubbed, and washed to prepare the part for the next project.

2. Test

Once the equipment is clean, it is ready to be reassembled and thoroughly tested. This may include fully or partially replacing damaged elements with new OEM parts. Then it will go through full operational testing to ensure it is performing optimally.

3. Renew

Our renewal process includes surface reconditioning, painting, as well as configuration.

Hybrid POS Hardware Solutions

RTI also provides its customers with the ability to create their own hybrid hardware solution — the optimal choice for a budget-conscious consumer who desires the “best of both worlds” from their POS system. 

Purchase a brand new POS terminal and pair it with a refurbished cash drawer, keyboard, printer, and display and you have a solution that is not only the latest technology but also budget-friendly.

POS Trade Ins / Upgrades

Are you getting new POS hardware? We also take old equipment in on trade to save you even more money on a new POS system.

If your current POS systems are getting older but you don’t want to get a new system, we can also provide component upgrades to address most performance or functionality concerns. Retail Tech, Inc. can provide more memory, bigger storage drives, new touch display lighting components, and more. This will extend the life of your POS system and save you money in the meantime!

POS Parts

Source POS Parts

We’ve stocked our 130,000 sq. ft. warehouse with just about every POS system part imaginable! Even old legacy components for end-of-life IBM, Toshiba, NCR, and other systems.  Retail Tech can support you in building the perfect point of sale system solution for your business. Because of our large inventory of new and refurbished parts, and the volume that we sell, we can price our products lower than the competition.

We also purchase used and end-of-life POS hardware which makes us a great resource for the hard-to-find discontinued products and parts you may require.

With Retail Tech Inc., you are buying more than just high-quality products at unbelievably low prices. You are also buying experience, knowledge, integrity, reliability, and accountability. We confidently stand behind each of the parts we sell with a minimum 90-day warranty.

Need to Source a Part?

Why Use Retail Tech POS Solutions

RTI has decades of experience matching key manufacturers and point of sale systems to businesses, but what makes us stand out from competitors? We offer unmatched support, low pricing, and best-in-class solutions to streamline your business with high-quality technology and an incredible team. 

We not only supply products, we also offer a full array of point of sale and technology services that help your business operate as smoothly as possible.

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Maintenance & Repair

Proactively address issues before they’re ever a problem. Our ongoing maintenance and repair services ensure your technology runs smoothly — even under intense demand during peak hours.

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Asset Disposal & Trade-Ins

We help meet corporate sustainability initiatives by recycling and refurbishing outdated assets and technology systems. Our team at Retail Tech Inc. buys old systems, helps you find new or refurbished ones at great prices, and even offers a trade-in.