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Our Company

Our Values at Retail Tech

  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Stay consistent
  • Be intentional
  • Accept responsibility — Own it!
  • Keep improving
  • Exhibit great teamwork
  • Keep your commitments
  • Be grateful

Minnesota-Grown, Nationally Recognized

Providing Innovative Technology Solutions for 20+ Years

company warehouse

From our roots in 2000 to the dynamic force we are today, Retail Tech Inc. has thrived on pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons. Our commitment to home-grown innovation means our clients don’t just keep pace with industry trends — they define them.

Retail Tech Inc. emerged from the visionary pursuits of two retail-focused entrepreneurs committed to revolutionizing the POS technology industry. Beginning in a modest 1,800-square-foot warehouse, our founders aspired to provide cutting-edge and efficient hardware solutions with unparalleled speed.

Today, RTI fills a roomy 200,000-square-foot facility, proudly standing as a trailblazer in the retail industry, covering an expansive realm of store solutions, and branching into all facets of technology systems. Rooted in a dynamic force of over 260 professionals across 30 states, we are committed to our widespread clientele and can confidently undertake projects of any scale. 

Offering a comprehensive range of services from system integration and logistics to in-store field services and beyond, we prioritize production size and capability without compromising on quality.

Our Mission at RTI

At Retail Tech Inc. (RTI), our mission is to provide home-grown innovation and high-quality technology hardware solutions through exceptional standards in service, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. We don't just offer solutions — we craft personalized experiences. By understanding each client's vision and operational needs, our tailored approach ensures that every project is a transformative journey, not just a transaction. Welcome to the personal extension of your IT team — welcome to Retail Tech.!

Partnering with these industry-leading manufacturers allows RTI to sell superior products, services, and support.

Access high-quality technology solutions today.