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Frequently Asked Questions

Before using our services at Retail Tech Inc. you might have a few questions regarding our offerings, expertise, and more. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions in the retail tech industry. If you have any other questions, reach out to us today.

Does RTI buy used equipment?

Yes. We assess and buy used point of sale equipment and other technology systems that we refurbish and sell at fair prices. Learn more on our asset disposal page.

Does RTI offer IT repair services?

Retail Tech, Inc. aims to cover all of the main retail technologies that your business uses to handle IT repairs when they arise. Our talented IT team at RTI can help you get up and running again in no time. Learn more on our maintenance and repair page.

How do you choose the correct equipment for your business needs?

Our RTI experts know the fine details of retail technology and can help you locate the ideal equipment to streamline your business. By choosing to work with us, we’ll collaborate to come up with a plan based on your goals and needs and assist from start to finish.

Does RTI offer anything besides point of sale systems?

Yes. Not only do we offer POS system solutions in their entirety, but we also help you find other retail technology to create a smoother process for your business. At Retail Tech, Inc., we can assist in your search to find point of sale equipment, monitors, cash registers and drawers, security systems, phone systems, software, scanners, label printers, and more. We essentially cover every retail technology you can find in a store or business. If you’re wondering whether we have the necessary solutions for your project, contact us today to speak with one of our representatives.

What are project timelines like with Retail Tech, Inc.?

With our expert RTI team, a project can be completed in as soon as a few days and can last as long as a few years. This all depends on what services your business needs and whether you’re going to continue using our maintenance and IT solutions after deployment.

How does RTI complete projects on time and within budget?

At Retail Tech, Inc., we hold ourselves highly accountable by completing projects on time and within budget. We ensure every project is a success by first providing the proper training and awarding certifications to skilled team members. An RTI representative reaches out to you to determine your initial needs and assign a project manager. The PM then works with you to define your business goals and find the ideal solutions. After figuring out a personalized plan, our service techs are given the information we collected to help them deploy your point of sale and technology solutions successfully. From there, we offer support for future repairs and technology needs.

What kind of training and qualifications does the Retail Tech, Inc. team receive?

Each field service and division at RTI receives the proper training using a blend of years of experience, educational material, certification courses and videos, and a full project brief as needed. We hand-select the best representatives, project managers, and technicians to assist you on your point of sale and technology journey. Learn more about RTI on our about page.

How to contact our RTI team to start a project and/or get a quote?

The easiest way to contact Retail Tech is to head to our contact page and fill out the form with your project details. One of our representatives will reach out to you from there. Another way to reach us is to use our customer portal to request our services.

What is your annual integration and staging capacity?

Last year, we had a record-breaking year, tallying in at 20,000 lanes staged and integrated. Our expansive 2,400 linear feet of bench space allows us to accommodate any project of any size, year-round.

Is any project too large? What is a typical project size?

While it varies between customers on each projects’ needs, Retail Tech team develops a plan to help with any project of any size. We have the bandwidth to support even the largest national project and fulfill 80,000 service requests annually.

How big is the Retail Tech office?

To accommodate the 125 employees and busy, moving parts of projects annually, we have a 195,000 sq. ft. office with a 35,000 sq. ft. climate-controlled Integration Center that does it all. From integration to shipping and project managing to invoicing, our office in Chanhassen is the source of our success in supplying you with the perfect retail technology solutions.

Do you offer tours of the RTI facility?

Yes! We are thrilled when we can show our loyal clients and potential colleagues our amazing facility and look forward to giving you a tour anytime! Just proceed to the contact page, fill in the form, and we’ll reach out to schedule this.