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Technology Solutions to Improve Organization and Customer Experience

Retail Tech Inc. (RTI) excels in locating, installing, and maintaining a variety of technology solutions for stores and businesses. We unify multiple branches and locations of your stores with simplified, easy-to-use systems. 

Whether this is multiple POS machines, self-serve kiosks, or any other technologies, we have the insight and expertise to find solutions that meet your goals. Learn about our industries and explore them below to see if our services can meet your store and/or business needs.

Team up with RTI to discuss your goals and find solutions today!

Industries Served

At RTI, our expert team helps find advanced retail point of sale and technology solutions for various clients in numerous industries. Per the namesake, a majority of Retail Tech Inc. has services and specialties that fall within the retail industry. However, we can further break down our offerings into these main industry categories.



Customer experience is a huge touchpoint in the retail industry. Every point leading up to, during, and after the purchase matters. If your technology is old and outdated, your customers will notice, and it can affect your sales. When your old systems are glitching, you can’t properly manage your inventory anymore, syncing is slow, and it can be hard to meet customer standards. But by teaming up with RTI, you can get retail technology solutions to meet and exceed your customer’s expectations.

RTI has been finding, installing, and repairing POS equipment and technology systems for retail industries and more for over 20 years. With so many years of experience, our team can help you find the newest, most applicable point of sale equipment to enhance your business, install synced systems, and help you with future maintenance. Contact our expert team to let us find your ideal point of sale and technology solutions to enhance your organization and centralize your retail store branches today.

Hospitality & Food Service

Simplifying the hospitality and food service industries is essential to maintaining positive responses from your consumers. A warm and welcoming consumer experience starts and ends with technology. Without the newest technology, it’s easy to fall into a clunky, outdated experience that becomes second-best to newer businesses. Using our team at RTI to find newer, easier-to-use technology solutions and POS equipment can help you retain loyal customers and gain an edge over your competitors.

In a world of ever-changing inventory and fast-paced service, integrated technology systems are a must-have in the hospitality and food industries. RTI assists you in your search to find point of sale options with easier inventory options, faster processing, and more. By using our services, we’ll help you find the best tools for your business, assist with the installation process, and even help with future repairs.

Gas & Convenience

Gas stations and convenience stores are known for efficiency. But without unified technology, all you have is sporadic, out-of-date cash registers and gas pump machines that slow you and your customers down. On top of that, dated tech may allude to the customer that your store isn’t advanced and the product isn’t as great as it is at a more evolved store. This is precisely why using RTI to get newer, updated technology solutions is in your best interest. 

Our team at Retail Tech Inc. aims to streamline the gas station and convenience store experience helping you find the newest technology to retain loyal customers and even gain new ones. By making the switch to better tech, we’ll help you track and organize inventory, make purchases faster, and manage every aspect of your business from one collaborative source.


Outdated technology systems detract from the customer experience in grocery settings. Slow barcode scanners, lack of self-service checkouts, or faulty equipment can all play a role in your customers switching allegiances to shop elsewhere. However, our team at Retail Tech Inc. aims to improve your experience by helping you implement the latest technology. By using point of sale software, it makes it easier to track grocery inventory in real time, speed up the purchasing process, and even manage vendors and new shipments.

Inventory management and customer transactions at the forefront of grocery services, point of sale equipment is a necessary part of increasing efficiencies. With help from RTI, you can track and organize inventory better, implement self-serve checkouts, speed up your checkout process, and more. Team up with Retail Tech today so we can help you find point of sale system and technology solutions to streamline your grocery store or supermarket needs.

Point of Sale and Technology Systems Offered at RTI

Within each of our service industries, our knowledgeable RTI team can help you find retail point of sale and technology solutions such as:

  • Mobile, checkout, and self-serve POS systems
  • POS servers
  • Keyboards
  • Networking
  • Cameras
  • Digital signage
  • Gas pump POS systems
  • Card and chip readers
  • Barcode and tag scanners
  • Cash registers and drawers
  • Interactive touchscreen displays and monitors
  • Self-serve kiosks and self-checkout registers
  • Receipt and label printers
  • Payment terminals
  • ID scanners
  • Pagers for wait lists
  • Security cameras
  • And more


Our team at RTI aims to meet all your point of sale and technology system needs. From searching for your ideal system to store-wide installation, we help you every step of the way. Contact us today to let the experts match you to the best resources for your business.
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RTI’s Proven Methodology

Retail Tech applies our proven methodology to make matching POS systems and other technology solutions to your business needs simple. Here’s how it works:

  1. We work with you to identify your needs, whether they are hardware, services, or some combination.
  2. Together, we develop a comprehensive plan to meet those needs.
  3. We leverage our industry partnerships to accomplish goals in the smartest, most efficient manner.
  4. We then execute the plan and work with you to deliver the best products and services in the market.

Team up with RTI to reach your POS and technology solutions today!