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Retail Tech Inc. offers a broad set of network infrastructure solutions from leading vendors to ensure your technology is kept up to speed. We partner with Cisco/Meraki, Cradlepoint, Aruba, HP, Extreme Networks, and more to bring you the best possible network experience for your business. Our team of Solution Architects assists clients with the design and procurement of network and security solutions. 

Advantages of Using RTI for Network Solutions

Retail Tech Inc. offers network infrastructure solutions and helps set up, configure, and install equipment no matter how complex the project may be. Our RTI team helps provide network solutions and aims to help you experience

Let RTI Enhance Your Network Infrastructure.

Detailed infrastructure solutions

Easy setup, configuring, and install

Design and procurement assistance

Advanced protective measures

Secure, private network access

computer hardware for networking

Increase In-Store Management with Network Solutions

Network solutions from RTI can be a simple upgrade of individual devices to full infrastructure replacements. Our integration and installation teams are experts in network design and efficient, organized network rack and closet design.

Frequently Asked Questions about network solutions

How Does RTI Protect Your Network

The protection of our client networks is a top priority, and we offer a variety of options in our facility based on client security protocols and project requirements. Our staff are experts in working with client network and security teams to implement secure, private access.

Do RTI Network Solutions Grow with Your Company?

We offer industry-leading technology and have the experience and facilities required to handle network projects from a one-store upgrade project to a large-scale nationwide rollout to thousands of locations.

What Kind of Ongoing Support Does Retail Tech Offer?

Our support services vary by client.  Support for solutions is typically provided by the client IT support team directly, supplemented as needed by the RTI field services or support staff.  We can also engage the vendor warranty and support resources as needed.

Why Choose Retail Tech for Network Solutions

RTI wants your business to succeed as much as our own. By providing you with updated technology and network solutions, we get to see the growth of your company at record speeds. If you’re interested in seeing how Retail Tech can enhance your network experience, reach out and contact us today to get started.

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Let RTI Enhance Your Network Infrastructure.