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There’s a lot of buzz about digital marketing these days. And while digital efforts – email, blogging, social media – can have a huge impact on a retail store or small business’ success, it’s important to maintain those more traditional marketing tactics. To make it easier, we’re sharing a few marketing tips that we’ve learned from our retail partners over the years.

Marketing Tips for Retail Stores

Set Specific Goals and Make a Plan

Before you launch any new marketing initiative, you must know what you’re hoping to achieve. Define the specific goals of the campaign, whether it be brand awareness, customer loyalty, sales of a product or promotion, or something else. Then, make a plan, asking yourself a few key questions. How will these marketing tactics help you reach the goal? How will you execute your plan? How will you track progress?

Define the Target Audience

When defining your target audience, think quality, not quantity. A narrowly defined audience will make success more likely – and keep the budget under control. Seek to understand your audience (your point of sale system can help with this) and tailor the campaign specifically to them.

Create Unique Print Materials with a Specific Call to Action

When creating print marketing materials, aim to stand out. Include an attention-grabbing headline, clear and concise copy, an attractive image and a strong call to action.

Track Analytics to Measure Success

Include a custom URL, offer code, or QR code that will allow you to track the campaign. This will allow you to see which customers and transactions were driven by the campaign. This will be important to determine ROI, and helpful as you plan future marketing efforts. (Again, a point of sale system can help with this!)


Hopefully, these marketing tips will help your next campaign succeed. Could a new POS system help too? Give us a call today.

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This is an updated blog post that was originally published in 2019.

photo credit: @brandsandpeople accessed 12/3/21 via CC0

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