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Today’s retail customers are constantly moving between in-person and online shopping. A shopper may browse online and purchase in-store, or order online and exchange in-store, to list a few examples. Whatever the scenario, it’s important for retailers to be aware of their store’s omnichannel presence – and manage it effectively.

Omnichannel Tips for Retail Stores and Small Businesses

Manage Your Brand on All Digital Channels

Every potential customer searches the internet differently. Make sure that no matter where they find your brand, the information is up-to-date, consistent, and helpful. An incomplete or inconsistent profile will make your brand appear less trustworthy. If time or resources are limited, consider a listing management service to automate the process.

In addition to managing listings, you should also monitor and respond to reviews. Your POS system can automatically remind customers to leave reviews. Because 90% of shoppers check reviews before visiting a new business, you should promptly respond to any negative reviews to minimize their negative effects.

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Offer Purchasing Options on Different Channels

While digital marketing and listing management are both important, today’s shoppers want the option to purchase directly from their preferred channels. For example, you can offer appointment booking through your Google listing, or shopping through Instagram. Use your point of sale system to better understand customer demographics, and determine which channels to focus on first.

Does your POS system provide insight into customer demographics and behaviors? If not, it may be time to upgrade to point of sale hardware that can help you achieve omnichannel success. Contact our POS experts to discuss your needs, and to find the best point of sale solution for your business.

Retail Tech carries a wide variety of new and refurbished POS systems solutions. We offer installation and staging, retail point of sale system repairs, and more. If you need help choosing a hybrid POS system solution, contact our POS systems specialists for help finding the perfect point of sale solution for your retail store, restaurant, or other small business.


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