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With so much information stored in your point of sale equipment and the cloud, it’s more important than ever to know the top security features to look for in a POS system. Updating your technology means you have even more room for storage, which means you’ll want the proper features to keep your information safe and business running. Keep reading below to learn from our expert RTI team why POS safety features are indispensable, see real-life examples of security mishaps, and determine what attributes you should add to your point of sale wish list.

Why Do You Need Point of Sale Safety Features?

Even if you already think your POS security and safety precautions are invincible, chances are you could still use some improvement. While outdated hardware has the most issues, even new technology can have difficulties if you accidentally invest in a cheap, unreliable manufacturer. Some common point of sale safety failures include: 

  • System or network delays
  • mismatched hardware
  • Slow or frozen hardware
  • Issues connecting
  • Data loss
  • And more

If POS safety and security aren’t a top priority during your search for new or updated equipment, you can easily experience the consequences later when you least expect it.

Real Life POS Security Slip-Ups

Nobody wants to be in the middle of a retail rush with a slow system, missing information, or technology failure of any kind. But if you’re not careful, it can happen. Here are three examples of real-life POS security compromises

1. Target’s 2013 Data Breach

In late 2013, attackers infected Target’s POS systems with malware and stole payment information from millions of customers. They paid out $39 million for the class action suit plus another near-$20 million in legal fees.

2. Home Depot’s Class Action Suit

In the fall of 2014, Home Depot had a data breach after their point of sale systems were hit with malware. Millions of customers and 2,200 stores were affected, causing them to pay $19 million in the class action suit.

3. Wendy’s POS Malware Incident

Recently, POS malware attacked over a thousand Wendy’s restaurants, resulting in a data breach and multiple class action lawsuits. 

Whether you own a large or small business, you can be affected at any time. The result could be as simple as glitches during peak hours or as big as a lawsuit if you’re not careful. 

Top Security Features to Look For in a Point of Sale System

After seeing how much of an impact safety and reliability play in businesses, it’s imperative to find a POS system with top security features. Here’s what security features to keep in mind and on your wish list while searching for updated equipment: 

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Anti-virus protection
  • System lockdown capabilities
  • PCI-compliance
  • Internal network capability

With newer software, you can get all these security precautions and more. If you want to protect your business from external threats, investing in a credible, reliable point of sale system and network is in your best interest.

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Where to Buy POS Systems with Great Security

If point of sale security is your company’s top priority, our team at Retail Tech Inc. can help. Our professional team helps you with the POS searching process from start to finish. From finding the best point of sale equipment and other technology to fit your needs to install to maintenance, we have you covered. Contact us today, and a team member will reach out to you.

Let Us Help You Find a Secure POS System Today.

Retail Tech carries a wide variety of new and refurbished POS equipment. We offer installation and staging, POS printer repairs, and more. If you need help choosing a POS system, contact our POS systems specialists for help finding the perfect point of sale solution for your small business.

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