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Get Built-for-Purpose Technology Solutions with NCR

With NCR Voyix, your entire store is connected digitally, giving shoppers what they want most: faster checkout, personalization, and consistency. 
Point-of-sale: The complete retail software solution for a consistent, efficient, and personalized shopping experience. Provides revenue-boosting complementary solutions that maximize your IT investment for efficient store management, fraud control, and loyalty enhancements.

Self-checkout: Solutions that put customers in control of their experience and make checkout faster, easier, and more convenient. Empower customers to take control of their shopping experience with space-saving checkouts suitable for various retail store formats, especially high-volume stores.  Choose from a variety of cost-effective technology with flexible installation options.CX5 and C7 Family
Contact Retail Tech Inc. today to discuss how we can help with your IT projects building solutions through our partnership with NCR to deliver CX5 and CX7 all-in-one point of sale, touchscreens, receipt printers and peripherals, and self-checkout technology.

Self Checkout Solutions

Self Checkout Solutions

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